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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate in the Mountain West Youth Track & Field?
Mountain West Youth Track Club is available to athletes from 12-18 years old.

What are the different age groups and what is the birth date cutoff?
The athlete will participate in the age group determined by the athlete’s age as of 12/31 of the current year.

The USATF age catagories are:
» Midget: 11 and 12 (Note: MWYTC members must be 12 years of age)
» Youth: 13 and 14
» Intermediate: 15 and 16
» Young: 17 and 18

What are the track and field events?
» 100 Meter
» 200 Meter
» 400 Meter
» 1500 Meter
» 3000 Meter (Bantam and up)
» 2000 Meter Steeple Chase (Midget and up)
» *Hurdles (Midget and up)
» 4X100 Relay
» 4x400 Relay

Field Events:
» Long Jump
» Triple Jump (Youth and up)
» Mini- Javelin (Midget and below)
» Javelin (Youth and up)
» Shot Put
» High Jump (Bantam and up)

NOTE: Age groups are typically allowed to participate in 3 races, two field events, and two relays at most meets.

*Steeple Chase may not be contested at most of the developmental meets.

What does the registration fee include?
The registration fee is $300 for first year athletes and $200 for renewing athletes. The fee covers uniform, track equipment, team liability insurance, meet entry fees, and USATF annual membership. Travel and accommodation to track meets will also be covered by the club.

All fees must be paid prior to participating in practice. Fees are refundable within the first two weeks of practice if the athlete should decide to withdraw.

» To be eligible for indoor competition travel, new members must register by November 9th.
» To be eligible for summer competition travel, new members must register by May 30th.

Mountain West Youth Track Club is non-profit organization and all funds will be used to the benefit of the Mountain West Youth Track Club.

Who are the coaches?
All of the track coaches are registered USATF coaches. They are required to have a background check completed through USATF and some have completed coaches training through USATF.

What are my volunteer obligations?
If Mountain West hosts a track meet or XC meet, we will need parent volunteers to take shifts to support events/races. The more volunteers available will ensure that the meet remains on time and runs smoothly.

What form of communication is used by the club to reach parents/athletes?
All communication is handled by phone (call or text) Vicky 406.370.9499 or Coach D 406.529.2013, via e-mail: vpounds (at) mwtc (dot) com, dianecummins (at) hotmail (dot) com, or Facebook: Mountain West Youth Track Club.

If a practice is canceled, Coach D will typically send an email, text or Facebook post by 3pm, so it will be important to use and email that you can monitor during the day.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?
» The athletes/parents are responsible for the cost of food during trips and all meets.
» Addition club apparel is for sale, however purchase is optional. All proceeds will go to the club.
» A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete. Spikes are optional, however advised.

What running gear does my child need?
Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include; warm ups/sweats, running shorts, long and short sleeve shirts. Running spikes are an optional.

It is required that all athletes bring water and/or sports drinks to practices and meets.

Recommendation: Put your child's name on everything they bring to the track.

Where can I buy running shoes/spikes?
You can buy running shoes at any of the sports stores. However, the following stores have a knowledgeable staff, and a wide selection:

» Runner’s Edge located downtown at 304 N Higgins Avenue (www.runnersedgemt.com)

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